Vandana Lakhani
Educational Qualification:Chartered Accountant(2005) & Certified Public Accountant (2006) :-
She owns an established CA firm. However, it is her passion for teaching; which is why she is constantly on the look out of being associated with various Educational Institutes as faculty, especially Finance students (appearing for ACCA courses, CPA examinations). At Tutelage, she is the faculty for Accountancy and Auditing & Income Tax.

Smitanshu Karekar
Educational Qualification: Chartered Accountant(2003) :-
He has been a faculty for Junior College students. This experience has added a different approach to our learning programs. He has viewed the programs critically and judged their practicality. He is the faculty for Second Year & Third Year – Costing at Tutelage.

Sujeet K. Manazhy
Educational Qualification: LLB (1996) and CS(2006) :-
Sujeetis the mentor for SP, OC & M.Law subjects. He has over 16 years of work experience in this field and during this period, he has groomed many budding CS. He has worked on the teaching materials of these subjects and simplified the learning process for Tutelagians.

Sagar Gilda
Educational Qualification: Chartered Accountant (2011):-
Sagar has been coaching BBA, B.Com and M.Com students. He has an expertise in Accounts, Mathematics, Statistics, Mercantile Law and Business Law. He has been awarded as Best Teacher at school and college level and has contributed extensively in the material preparation phase of a few subjects for the Tutelagians. He is the faculty for Mathematics for all relevant years at Tutelage.

Lavina Ahir
Educational Qualification: M.Com, Pursuing CA:-
Lavina is currently pursuing her Chartered Accountancy and has a flair for training students. She has over 2 years of coaching experience in NIOS (National Institute of Open School). She builds a quick rapport with the students and is the Faculty for Accountancy, English & Economics subjects for Commerce. She has personally developed the content for the same.

Shivanand Buttepatil
Educational Qualification: Chartered Accountant (2012):-
He has been the college topper in Accountancy during his HSC exams. He has a flair for coaching and mentoring students. He is the faculty for Accounts, Costing and Auditing at Tutelage.

Renuka Dhone
Content Writer & Trainer for Spoken English Educational Qualification: B.Com, PGDBM (HR specialization) :-
Renuka is the faculty for Spoken English and Crafting the Persona courses. She has over 10 years of training experience in corporate industry with an extensive experience in training and content management. She possesses the skill to teach a participant in the simplest way. She has ensured that the Spoken English courses include proper use of techniques, activities and interactive sessions. Renuka will be coaching and mentoring the participants in the persona sessions for their overall development.

Ram Balkrishna Tade (R.G. Sir)
Faculty and Guidance, Educational Qualification: M.Com, LLB(1980):-
He has dedicated over 30 years of his life into training, coaching, mentoring and sharing knowledge. He was the Director at S. G. Joshi's Accountancy classes. He has ensured that the training materials simplify the basic concepts. Due to his rich teaching experience, he has looked at the materials from the learners' point of view and shared his insights to improve the same. His rapport with students has helped us understand their expectations. He has trained the faculties, to meet the set standards.

About Us


True to its name, Tutelage represents the vision of its founders – Guardianship, Support and Guidance. Based on the foundation of strong mentoring, in sync with the ability and tendency of the learners, Tutelage forms the core for career excellence. Following recent trends and learning patterns, we initiate a creative bent in imparting knowledge. Our way of imparting knowledge is with the aid of audio-visuals rather than print media (books and notes). We believe an overall perception and experience is a better teacher and at Tutelage, this creative bent is what makes a difference.

The palpable need to break the monotony of blackboards & textbook teaching is what Tutelage aims to overcome. We introduce new ways of imparting knowledge in the field of Commerce, in addition to boards and books: activities, music, and interesting audiovisual representations. With a focus on imparting, learning, sharing, and discovering knowledge rather than only teaching, Tutelage provides academic guidance in a creative manner for overall development.

Commerce is the essence of many professions. It is directly or indirectly associated with our daily routines. Learning and inculcating the basic concepts of this discipline is essential not only for completing graduation, but also for further professional development. In order to cater to this requirement, Tutelage has introduced innovative learning techniques in the Commerce sector for Junior College as well as Graduation students. As value added guidance across different verticals, we also offer courses for Spoken English and Personality Development (Crafting the Persona), right from the basic to the advanced level.


-   Clarifies the basic concepts
-   Enhances confidence
-   Provides an exposure to the corporate     training environment
-   Develops willingness to learn

-   Our faculty is a trained team of qualified CAs, CSs, ICWAs and Soft-Skill Trainers.

- The syllabus for our Commerce courses is exactly as per the Pune University specifications. Tutelage provides learning material inclusive of     information/presentation in addition to the regular texts and guides.

-  At Tutelage, the learning material and techniques are unique in numerous ways. The use of alternative teaching techniques like group activities, music,     graphical representations, role-plays, and ice-breakers have been involved to enhance grasping of the basic concepts.

Advisory Panel

Milind K. Jhamvar
Educational Qualification: Chartered Accountant(2003)
Over the years, he has garnered a deliverable expertise and experience on a wide range of dominions: Taxation, Transfer Pricing, Internal Audits, Account Writing, Project Reports and so on. He has demonstrated his expertise in the content designing phase of Tutelage. He has audited the study material for their consistency and authenticity. And he has ensured the learning programs serve the purpose that they are designed for.

Bhavana Jhamvar
Educational Qualification: M.Com, LLB
She has ventured into various domains such as Financing, Taxation and so on. She has shared her views and knowledge in the learning techniques, which has helped in cutting the thick edges. Her insights have perfectly moulded the learning program to create the required impact.

Course Offered

  XI-11th Commerce (Maharashtra State Board)   Book-Keeping & Accountancy, Mathematics, Economics, English, SP & OC
  XII-12th Commerce (Maharashtra State Board)   Book-Keeping & Accountancy, Mathematics, Economics, English, SP & OC
  FY B. Com - First Year B.Com - (University of Pune)   Financial Accounting, Business Mathematics & Statistics
  SY B. Com - Second Year B.Com - (University of Pune)   Corporate Accounting & Costing
  TY B.Com - Third Year B.Com - (University of Pune)   Advanced Accounting, Auditing & Income Tax, Mercantile Law & Costing

Listed below are briefs of each of the Commerce subjects:

Accountancy (Book-Keeping, Financial, Corporate, and Advanced):
Accountancy has emerged as a competitive profession to Medicine, Engineering and Law. Its concepts are applicable to people following all job specialities, specifically due to filing of personal income tax return. The study and practice of Accountancy requires a broad understanding of concepts and in-depth knowledge of specialized accounting areas. Study of financial statements help in taking investment decisions, assess interest rates to pay-off house mortgages, and calculate rates for car payments. In the corporate world, companies require basic knowledge of accounting as they are held accountable for their financial practices. Knowledge of accounting principles is a must in each individual's day-to-day life.

Commerce Students:
Accountancy is a compulsory subject and is considered as the backbone of Commerce syllabus. Every student follows this subject right from XI to Third Year B.Com, and further on in M.Com, CA, CS, CWA, BBA, MBA and so on.

Mathematics & Statistics:
Mathematics is highly essential and necessary in our daily lives; we cannot imagine a world without mathematics. It helps in calculating how much money you have in your bank account or in comparing the prices to get the best deals. You can plan out a good budget, so that you save money. Mathematics is vital for building a career in Economics or Finance streams. It is an optional subject for Commerce students.

Economics is the study of money, so it is important for each individual to have proper knowledge of Economics. Every Commerce student follows this subject right from XI to Third Year B.Com, and further on in M.Com, CA, CS, CWA, BBA, MBA and so on. It includes the effect of budget, natural disasters, recession, and increase/decrease of stocks, resources and commodities on the economy and our lives.

Mercantile Law:
Law is a set of rules and regulations laid by the constitution. It is essential to study business law as it is necessary for maintaining business in legal ways. It protects business and individuals from errors, frauds and misrepresentations. Mercantile Law is introduced in Third Year B.Com and includes the study of Contract Act, Partnership Act & Sales of Goods Act. Every Commerce student needs to be aware of these Acts, as they need to apply this learning in their future professions.

English has been introduced in the Commerce syllabus as it required in communication to a great extent. This discipline involves professionals such as Company Secretaries, Self-Employers, Chartered and Cost Accountants, and Bankers & Insurers. Thus, basic English knowledge is a pre-requisite.

Costs Works Accountancy (Costing):
This subject is part of the Second Year B.Com and Third Year B.Com syllabus. Costing plays a crucial role in every venture. It involves the study of cost tracking methods, formulating and implementation of plans and budgets, controlling inventory cost, exact calculation of cost of products and services, making decisions that impact short-term and long-term revenues and expenses. This subject equips Commerce students with the required Costing knowledge.

Auditing & Income Tax:
Auditing basically means checking books of accounts, maintained by a businessman/company/venture as per the specified standards. The activity of Auditing and Income Tax falls in the remit of an Auditor. The auditor ensures that the prescribed standards of Accounting and the required provisions of Income Tax are observed and that the transactions are entered under proper heads. Auditing & Income Tax is introduced in Third Year B.Com and it elaborates the process of Auditing, qualities of Auditors, valuation and verification of assets and liabilities, preparation of Audit Reports and necessary statements to be filed in the Income Tax office. Taxation includes assessment of tax payable by businessmen at the end of the accounting year and advanced tax payable.

Secretarial Practice:
This subject is introduced for XI & XII Commerce students.The subject includes the types and formations of companies and the duties and responsibilities of the Company Secretary. It is the prime subject for students looking forward to opt for Company Secretary as a profession.

Organization of Commerce:
This subject introduces the various organizations and business services prevailing in the real business world along with their functioning. This includes the various constituents of business such as Corporate Social Responsibility, Consumer Protection, Types of Business Sectors and Trades. This subject is introduced for XI & XII Commerce students.

Time Table

Batch Timing : 11th Std.
Morning Batches
Subjects Timings Mon Tue Wed Tue Fri Sat Sun
English 07:15-08:15a.m.        
Secretarial Practice 08:15-09:15a.m.          
Organization of Commerce 08:15-09:15a.m.          
Maths 08:15-09:15a.m.      
Accounts 09:30-10:30a.m.    
Econmics 09:30-10:30a.m.        
Evening Batches
Subjects Timings Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Maths 05:00-06:00p.m.      
Accounts 06:00-07:00p.m.      
Secretarial Practice 07:00-08:00p.m.          
Organisation of Commerce 07:00-08:00p.m.          
Batch Timing : 12th Std.
Morning Batches
Subjects Timings Mon Tue Wed Tue Fri Sat Sun
English 07:15-08:15a.m.  
Accounts 08:15-09:15a.m.      
Economics 08:15-09:15a.m.        
Secretarial Practice 09:30-10:30a.m.          
Organisation of Commerce 09:30-10:30a.m.          
Maths 09:30-10:30a.m.      
Evening Batches
Subjects Timings Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Accounts 05:00-06:00p.m.      
Secretarial Practice 06:00-07:00p.m.          
Organization of Commerce 06:00-07:00p.m.          
Batch Timing : First Year
Morning Batches
Subjects Timings Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Maths   07:15-08:15a.m.      
Accounts  07:15-08:15a.m.          
Afternoon Batches
Subjects Timings Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Accounts   02:00-03:00p.m.      
Maths  02:00-03:00p.m.          
Evening Batches
Subjects Timings Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Maths  07:00-08:00p.m.          
Accounts  07:00-08:00p.m.      
Batch Timing : Second Year
1st Batch
Subjects Timings Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Costing 12:45-01:45p.m.          
Accounts 12:45-01:45p.m.      
2nd Batch
Subjects Timings Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Costing  03:30-04:30p.m.          
Accounts  03:30-04:30p.m.      
Batch Timing : Third Year
1st Batch
Subjects Timings Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Accounts  11:45-12:45p.m.      
Auditing & Income Tax  11:45-12:45p.m.          
Costing  11:45-12:45p.m.        
2nd Batch
Subjects Timings Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Accounts  02:30-03:30p.m.      
Auditing & Income Tax  02:30-03:30p.m.          
Costing  07:00-08:00p.m.        
M.Law  08:00-09:00p.m.      


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